CLIMA is specialises in developing, designing and manufacturing prefabricated house, modular house,converted containers, light steel villa and all kinds light steel structure facilites. CLIMA has already exported prefabricated house, modular house and light steel villa to Europe, Middle East, Africa and many other oversea countries. In addtion, thanks to its highly qualified products and considerable after-sale service. CLIMA has obtained well-know reputation and established its corporation image with good faith and trust.



Products: modular houses,Steel modular Villas,prefab houses for residense, joint house, golf adjunctive house ,vocation resorts villa,tourism home. On-pot training, installation and after sale service is provided by our team. Customized design and manufacturing is available.

Light steel villa
Light Steel Prefabricated House

CLIMA has leading R & D capabilities and technology advantages, and its products such as steel structure series, modular house series...

Camp Prefabricated House

Camp prefabricated house is the usual application for the light steel prefaricated house. It is widely used as mining camp, factroy camp, temperary labor house and others.

Prefabricated Homes

The mainly structure of prefab house is light steel structure or sandwich panel. They form a stable structure so it can resist 9-12 grade hurricane...

Light steel Villa

The mainly structure of prefab house is light steel structure or sandwich panel. They form a stable structure so it can resist 9-12 grade hurricane...


Demountable containers
Demountable Container House

Container Prefabricated House featured with high, they can be widely usded as: Construction site homes,Temporary Offices,Temporary Dormitory, Camp Work,Additional Floor and so on.

Standard base camp accommodation / office structures ship flat but assemble quickly into 2.40mt x 6.00mt modular containers with nicely finished interiors. Containers can be joined together to make large, open plan structures or can stand-alone as living accommodations or office shelters.

Toilet & Show Containers

Ablution containers are almost standard part of every containerized object. Of course, they are also widely used as mobile toilet, show room in pulic area. Upon customer wish, It is possible to use ceramic tiles as inner floor and walls cladding.

Until now we have delivered various ablution containers as part of containerized camps, schools, kindergardens, administrative objects as well as single units deliverd to petrol stations, marines and sport events.

ISO Converted Containers

We convert these standard containers into offices, industrial modules etc. by lining, insulating, fitting partitioning, high security personnel doors and windows. We can fit all the electrics, heating and air-conditioning as required. These containers could be converted into toilet blocks, kitchens, canteens and changing rooms.

We can also remove complete sides enabling us to link units creating even larger work areas. Of course you could simply use them as large stores.

Light steel structure

We can design and fabricate steel structure plant, workshop, warehouse, steel structure office building, prefabricated house etc ...

This light steel structrue can be prefabricated and customizedly designed, easy and fast to install, stable in construction. This kind of light steel structure, with enviromental protected materials, is easy and fast in installation, and saves costs in time, labours and materials; what's more, practical, stable and safe in constructions.


CLIMA product is featured as following :Firm intensity, anti-wind and anti-earthquake;anti-distortion,anti-multidimensional load and anti-horizontal load;Energy-saving, sound insulation; Safeguard for fire prevention;Being beneficial for environment protection.; recycle used stuff.

Flexible Design

In CLIMA prefabricated house, we believed that designing is the most important sector.

The house designed by us is based on local enviroment condition, number of staffs to be lived in, as well as clients' requirements. Staffs' convenience and recreation are also considered. The mobility and easy-installation are also features of our house.



The production plant has an array of well-trained and stable technical workers. It has brought in a number of production lines, whose performance and precision during producing are both first-class within the industry.

With its well-designed quality insurance system and pursuant to rigorous quality standard, the company provides its customers with high-quality



The top management of the company are all equipped with many years’ operation experience in the planning of concentrated villa, holiday resort apartments, and new villages. As a result, the company has trained project managers with high management quality, experienced installation technicians and skilled decoration personnel.




Demountable containers
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